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Zackary Usnik-mattiuz Posted a greeting on 04/17/2018: "aiden is one of my close friends."
Andrew Konovalenko Posted a greeting on 04/29/2008: "It has been a while since I last wrote but just wanted to say I love Aidan and Ethan so much that words can not describe."
Aidan Konovalenko Posted a greeting on 03/29/2007: "Good day everyone, I just wanted to remind everyone that my birthday is coming up and I will be a whole 2 years old."
Aidan Konovalenko Posted a greeting on 12/23/2006: "I just want to wish everyone that visits my site a Verry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 12/23/06."
Theresa Dziuba Posted a greeting on 12/02/2006: "HI Aidan it’s your second cousin Theresa, you are such a handsome little boy!! Can't wait to meet you!."
Collette Lamonday Posted a greeting on 11/01/2006: "Great idea love the site. Love the fact that I can see updated pictures of Aidan. What a cutie!! Collette."
Joe Joe Posted a greeting on 10/26/2006: "Good site!Thanks."
Derek AkA-Tom Cruise Posted a greeting on 09/20/2006: "remember if you fall asleep with an itchy butt your gonna wake up with a stinky finger."
Andrew Konovalenko(Dad) Posted a greeting on 09/06/2006: "Hey my little Monkey Man, You will be always be on the top of my list for dance partners..."
Angie Reid (Mama) Posted a greeting on 09/05/2006: "You're my little man. Love to the moon and back (2 times)."
Nana Reid Posted a greeting on 09/05/2006: "Your Nana's favorite Buba and wait til your mom and uncle Joel find out you are the only one in Nana's will ha ha."
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